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Woods Designs specialise in the design of sailing catamarans for both home and professional builders.

NOTE: The plan prices shown next to each boat on these pages refer to the paper plans. The download plans are cheaper, see the Shopping Cart for more details.(The Strike 16,18, Skoota 20,24 and Saturn only come as download plans)

At Woods Designs we have always believed that designers should build and sail their own boats. As a result, since 1980 we have built a total of 18 catamarans, ranging from a 14' beach cat to the 35' performance cruising catamaran Banshee. Boats have been built in sheet ply, foam sandwich, strip cedar as well as several catamarans built using grp moulds (that have also been built by us). Most have been built in our garden, and all with very limited tools and boatbuilding skills. So we know at first hand the problems that home boatbuilders face. The resulting boats have been used as full size test bed for new ideas, while, of course, building the boats ourselves helps ensure that the plans are fully detailed and that backyard builders can build them.

If you do not want to build yourself and are interested in having a catamaran built for you then a number of yards round the world build either grp production boats or catamarans on a one off basis, see links for more details.

Before deciding which boat to build it's worth getting as much information as possible. So apart from this web site we have produced lots more to help you.

For example, after narrowing the choice down we suggest you purchase a "study plan" for each boat you are interested in. These comprise two large drawing sheets (A1 size). The first will be a scale general arrangement drawing and the second a sample sheet from the building plans. You also get Materials Lists, photo sheets of boats sailing or building if we have them.

If you are still not convinced and you'd like to know more about the boats without actually paying the full amount for the plans we offer a "Partial Plan" set. This is much cheaper than the full plans but even so comprises a full set of plans except for the lines plan. So you can't actually build a boat, but you can get a complete picture of what is involved in building one. Later you can buy the upgrade plans to convert to full building plans. All plans are drawn in metric units.

Please remember when you use a credit card to order studyplans or building plans that we need the Post Code/Zip Code for the card, not just the one for the delivery address!!

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