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Nimbus under sail


round bilge foam sandwich hulls, foam sandwich decks

LENGTH O.A. 12.2m
LENGTH W.L. 11.1m
BEAM O.A. 7.6m
DISPL (empty) 5.5T
DISPL (loaded) 9T
DRAFT 1.1m
SAIL AREA 82 sq m


Nimbus lines drawing

NIMBUS is a boat that can take you anywhere in the world in perfect comfort and safety. Masses of room and lots of loading capacity make it an excellent long term live aboard cruiser. The accommodation layout has been specifically designed for a liveaboard family, although obviously other layouts are feasible, especially if you plan to use the boat for chartering.

The owners of the boat above wrote "we are going to prepare ourselves to begin living on board and do some cruising. Twilight Zone has now sailed for more than 50.000 nm since launching in 1990. It is time to do even more sailing."

Nimbus "dining room"

At home you normally leave the dining table after a meal and relax in easy chairs. It should be the same on a comfortable cruising boat. So on NIMBUS the dining room is in a hull, as shown, leaving the saloon free for socialising away from the dirty crockery.

NIMBUS has a very dry, comfortable performance whether under sail or power and can sail at cruising speeds of 8 - 10 knots. Twin 27hp diesels, one in each stern compartment give excellent manoueverability - essential for such a large boat. The optional inside steering position is a boon in bad weather, particularly when sailing short-handed or when motoring.

NIMBUS is about the largest boat that should be attempted by an amateur builder - allow 4000 hours build time.

S African Nimbus

Here is a short Youtube clip, taken from the Multihull Sailors Have More Fun! video, see the Video page for more details.

This Nimbus, below, was built in the UK and is seen here in the Caribbean.. In June 2006 it left England with her husband and wife crew and sailed to the Mediterranean via the coasts of France, northern Spain and Portugal. Her owners lived aboard for two years in Spain, the Balearic Islands and Morocco before crossing the Atlantic Ocean via Tenerife in the Canary Islands to Tobago at the beginning of 2009.

Meanwhile the owner of a modified production version, the Ocean Spirit 40 from S Africa reports "14 years old and still looking good",

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