Owners Comments

From Bob Cole, Florida

" I'm excited to say that my Strider went in the water today!! I bet you're pleased to get the first letter from me with no questions in it!

We had a standard Strider rig made which is all set to put up, and my sails are due in two weeks. So we're excited to see everything come together and to start using the boat.

I really had a good time building the boat. I spent on average a couple of hours daily for 22 months. We will have it sailing for $5500.

Thanks for the nice job you did with the Strider plans and for all your thought and sailing experience that went into the design. I hope you have time to sail to!"

Bob Cole's Strider at anchor

Tod Wakefield writes:
"I bought Strider no.49 in Feb 2000, fitted her out a bit for cruising and had a wonderful first season of sailing. My 500 mile round trip single handed Portsmouth to Scilly and back in July/August was fabulous. I passed a Strider Club at Start Point at 1300 on 12th August 2000 my way back, called him on VHF but no response. Who was it ? I continued across Lyme Bay 11 hours under spinnaker! I am getting to know the Strider and she sailed well."

Jan Bednarski of Canada writes:
"The Strider is a 7.3 m (24') Woods Design catamaran which I am building out of cedar strips and plywood. "

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