Sailing 2

Sapphire sailing to windward

Sapphire was just about the best of the grp Striders. She won the 1989 UK National Championships and also trailed from the UK to races in Italy

Sapphire cockpit

There are several options for engine installation. We recommend a 4hp Mariner or Yamaha long shaft. It can be mounted on a bracket off the aft beam (thus keeping the cockpit clear) as shown here, or in a well in the cockpit (for easier engine access). Expect about 6 knots cruising speed.

Note trailing log. If you regularly beach and trail it is possible to knock off an in-hull impellor. Also a trailing log is in undisturbed water so tends to be more accurate

Sapphire cruising

The grp Striders used aluminium beams (6" dia). Wooden Striders can use wood box beams or aluminium