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After living on board our Romany for several months I realised that a few changes would improve what has already proven to be a very comfortable cruising boat.

1) Few people use chart tables these days, preferring to use a chart plotter. Thus a chart storage area (for of course one should still always carry paper charts) is all that is required. Therefore I suggest moving the starboard hull companionway hatch forward to line up with the chart table. Doing this means that the aft bunk area can become a cabin, rather than just a bunk.

2) When seated in the cuddy there is a lot of headroom, thus wasted space. The seats can be raised so they are in line with the top of the mastbeam. The space under can be used as extra storage. Obviously the nacelle will need a double bottom so your feet touch the floor. I suggest finishing the raised floor area in line with the forward end of the galley. See sketch HERE

3) A rigid Bimini can be fitted over the cockpit. The cockpit seats are shown HERE

4) A bigger roached mainsail will make a difference to performance, but does require extra battens and better quality cloth so is significantly more expensive than the standard rig. Dave Calvert made a great sail for us. If you want a similar one please contact him direct, or me for a sail plan.

5) The cuddy table can have an end flap that folds up and over onto the existing table top and is then a fiddled storage area. Folded down it allows 2 more people to eat at the table

6) A fold down flap can be added to extend the galley work surface on the port side, although I don't think it is a good idea to make it a fixed shelf.

7) Ventilators should be fitted in the transom steps

No detail drawings of these changes will be supplied, but photos of the modifications to our own boat will be posted as soon as possible.

It seems that the original builder of our Romany did not make a full glass joint between cuddy front and roof. There should be a minimum of three layers glass on each side. So small stress cracks appeared. Just to be on the safe side I suggest making the top of the kingpost as shown in the photo below. Note, the thinness of the post is an optical illusion! The post should be glassed in place all round.