Mira - 35ft Ocean Cruiser

deep V Mira on its way round the world

The MIRA is a pure cruising catamaran with sufficient loading capacity and liveaboard space to be able to sail anywhere in the world. MIRA is fast enough to average 175 - 200 miles a day when trade wind sailing

interior showing part of saloon

The standard accommodation layout has been arranged so that a live-aboard couple can live entirely in one hull, leaving the other free for children, guests etc.

Boats without bridge deck accommodation are often thought of as dark coffin-like tunnels, but the photo above of a MIRA saloon shows that this does not have to be the case! The MIRA saloon is 8' wide including the wing area.

Round bilge Mira leaving Plymouth off to Brazil

Here is a short Youtube clip, taken from the Multihull Sailors Have More Fun! video, see the Video page for more details. It shows the round bilge version, but the deep V boat is very similar.

You can see more photos, material list etc here


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Richard Woods
Foss Quay, Millbrook, Torpoint, Cornwall, PL10 1EN, UK

MIRA 35' Ocean Cruiser


sheet ply or grp flat panel deep V hulls

LENGTH O.A.10.65m
LENGTH W.L. 9.45m
BEAM OA 6.1m
DISPL (empty) 2.5T
DISPL (loaded) 4.2T
DRAFT 0.7m
SAIL AREA 48 sq m

Mira lines drawing

Many home built MIRAs have made successful ocean crossings.
Experienced monohull sailor Rob Ward (2 Atlantic crossings, 20,000 miles in monohulls) wrote in his log during an Atlantic gale "I'd rather be in a cat in a gale than a similar sized monohull. Cruising cats are designed with safety factors that would amaze a monohull sailor"