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  • production Strider 24

  • plywood Romany 34

  • lightweight 14ft Zeta mainhull

  • Strike 15 trimaran at speed

  • 28ft Skoota in British Columbia

  • 10ft 2 sheet ply Duo dinghy

  • 24ft Strider sailing fast

  • 36ft Mirage open deck catamaran

One problem with a successful ocean cruising boat is that its hard to get photos of them sailing - they are all out there "doing it". This one was built in wood in east Canada, sailed south and through the Panama Canal. I saw it in Costa Rica where it is now used as a day charter boat

This one, below, is a production Flica 37 being pushed hard with a bigger, Banshee sized, rig - available as an option for those who want more performance. For more performance a larger fractional rig is available. However please remember that larger rigs are harder to handle and need reefing earlier.

A sister ship, which I photographed in Tobago. also built in Plymouth, UK, it first sailed to Turkey, then Brazil and is seen here heading north to the USA for the summer.

This one has made at least four Atlantic crossings, see the interior video

While this one was built in Millbrook and sailed to New Zealand, where it is available for charter. Note how high it floats and the outboard engines. See what I mean about a far sailed design!

This one hasn't sailed far "only" from the UK to the Med and back. This is the boat featured in the YM boat test and also in the cruising articles

I sailed this boat back from the Med in 1999, see the Year Review pages

The boats above are Flica 35's and 37's, the one below is the same Flica 34 as you saw in the building photo sequence

Note the bike! and the updated doghouse

this Flica also has the optional transom extensions and was built in Berlin, so quite a few miles from the sea but is afloat and motoring around the German canals.

While this one was built even further from the sea - in Switzerland! but is seen here in the Canaries prior to an Atlantic crossing


And this Flica 34 I photographed in S Africa. Rounded decks and gunwales are fashionable in some quarters, but it is when coming alongside, or boarding from a dinghy, that you need nice flat level decks. And think of the potential problems in this situation with a "ram bow"

Unfortunately on a lightwind day, and with an overtrimmed mainsail


The large aft platform is great for sun bathing or dinghy storage

This one was built in the Delta area of San Francisco, cruised to C America and then north to Florida by a young family. See the Owners Comments page for more