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Flica 37

"The force 7 started to fill in and the boat began to hitch up her petticoats and hustle, it was very interesting to watch the monohull-oriented crew’s reactions. The speed increased so that, with two reefs, we were generally exceeding 10 knots and occasionally holding 12 or 14 knots for minutes at a time. The most that I saw on the log was 15.3 knots when the new, extended transoms showed their worth with beautiful, clean runs of water being left is clear that the designers are to be congratulated on having done a fine job in getting the compromise about right"

Yachting Monthly boat test

"The Flica 37 represents a thoroughly modern cruising catamaran that thankfully eschews many of the old multihull preconceptions. She is good-looking, very seaworthy, happily powers upwind and handles like a top under motor.

Overall, we came away from the Flica 37 feeling that she meets all the requirements made of a serious offshore cruising boat, whether that be home waters cruising or heading off for sunnier climes. It seems inevitable that she will become a well-travelled class."

An owner reporting from New Zealand "We have been very pleased with our Flica (built in the UK at Millbrook) and the fact that we are still living aboard after nearly 6 years and have sailed half way round the world is proof of a well designed yacht."

Later he wrote: "Delightful cruising cat, sailed from UK via South Africa, is in charter (16 persons) and is our private boat. Definitely the best all round all round cat I have owned and sailed (and I have designed and built my own) I think the Flica design is credit to Richard Woods. We will never sell it (well we hope not) but if you can ever find one they are a great boat to own and sail."

Flica 35 Multihulls Magazine Boat Test

"The twin 18 h.p. Saildrives, mounted almost 16 feet apart, make handling Flica a dream and give a cruising speed of 7 knots, easily. We found Flica better than we had expected and were honestly amazed by the accommodations on Banshee"

Owners Comment "We would like to take this opportunity to tell you that your Flica design is excellent. We have lived aboard for 11 years. She is much loved and admired by both sailing and non sailing people and we consider her to be the perfect craft for living aboard"

Home built Flica in S Africa "I was delighted with the boat...particularly it's performance in heavy seas (Zulani was the only catamaran to ever finish the Vasco Da Gama race - in 1995) we finished 7th overall, despite a 1 hour starting handicap in seas of up to 10m and consistent winds of 55 knots plus. Even the famous Marchioness was forced to retire while we were barbecuing in the cockpit. Our maiden cruise was also through mountainous seas and howling gales."

"It is one of the most comfortable boats I have been on"

Home built Flica 34

"I'd like you to know that I'm making progress on my Flica. Not as quickly as I'd hoped though I'm sure you're used to hearing that. It's a lot of work for one person. Enthusiasm hasn't waned, and there's no doubt about finishing the project. I don't want to go further without  giving you my highest compliments on the quality of your plans. I've had the opportunity to look at other multi and monohull plans since purchasing yours and none even come close to approaching the detail that you provide. "Add me to your list of satisfied customers" is an understatement. Your design and drawings are tops!"

Then in 1994 he wrote

"I launched Toucan in August 1993. I had built the boat at home on a steep hill and getting it off our property onto the paved road was my only real concern. Most boat hauliers wouldn't touch the job, but the one I hired made it look easy. He backed his trailer between the hulls then we placed 2 steel I beams across the trailer and set the boat down on those. At 6am on a Saturday morning we moved the boat - the truck was accompanied by pilot cars front and back and a highway patrol escort as well.

We hauled it 30 miles to Sacremento and launched it in the Sacremento River. Most of the trip was on the Interstate driving down the middle of two traffic lanes at 60 mph. We launched it by backing the trailer down a ramp and floating it off, then motored to a marina for the next 4 days. After that, motored down the river 100 miles to San Fransisco Bay. Spent the next 4 months there stepping the mast, installing pulpits, sea trials etc. And of course giving tours to folks asking to see the boat.

On Dec 17th we sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge and turned left, heading for Mexico. We were about 3 months late, and bringing up the end of that years cruising pack. Its about 500 miles from San Fransisco to the border. We spent Christmas in Santa Barbara, New Year in San Diego and entered Mexico a few days later.

Spent the next 10 months leisurely working our way south - currently in

The boat has been an excellent liveaboard for Erika and I and our two boys Skip (7) and Hans(4). We have never once regretted deciding on a Flica, nor have we seen another sailboat of any size we'd consider trading for. The boat has earned you and I great compliments everywhere we've been.

We've travelled well over 4000 miles this year, making landfalls throughout Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and now Panama, with no major problems.

It's virtually impossible for me to recount all the fun times and compliments this boat has provided us. For us it's the perfect home, and will continue to be so for some years to come.

We will leave here around March, finish our transit of the canal, then sail down to Columbia, then up to Belize. Thanks for a great boat!!"

Many years later: "I bought the Flica 34 "Toucan" a little over 18 months ago. I've been very happy with the boat. Ron did an excellent job and the design has garnered lots of compliments. I sailed from Ft Lauderdale  to Annapolis and was very pleased with the handling and sailing characteristics. On two separate 36 hour stretches we averaged 9.5 kts with speeds hitting 15 kts whilst surfing. I've since added a roller-furler and a spinnaker to best take advantage of mid summer breezes in the Chesapeake."