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 The Acorn is a 21ft lightweight plywood minimum fast cruiser. Some parts, eg boards, rudders, spars, can come from large beach cats (ie Hobie 18 or larger). The rig shown is the optional racing rig which is only suitable for experienced sailors in lightwind areas. Smaller rigs are available, see the study plan

For a pdf study plan please CLICK HERE 

Some videos of an Acorn being built and then sailing are on this Youtube channel

Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a photo pack showing the hull building (too many to show here)

The photos below show an Australian boat a couple of weeks into the build


Basic Materials List

Hull Sides 11 sheets 4 mm ply (3/16in)
Hull bottom 2 sheets 6mm ply (1/4in)
Hull Bulkheads 2 sheets 6mm ply
Hull Decks 4 sheets 6mm ply
Daggerboxes, beams 1 sheet 6mm ply
100m (330ft) 2in x 1in
40m (150ft) 1in x 1in
20m (70ft) 11/2in x 1in
3in x 1in 5m (16ft)
25kgs epoxy
10kgs 200g glass
(Approx, excluding waste)
All plywood to be best quality Marine grade Gaboon ply. Sheet sizes are 8' x 4', 2440 x 1220.
All timber to be at least "Joinery Quality". Unless noted otherwise all timber is softwood,
eg Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, Yellow Cedar or similar.
All timber is "PAR", or "Planed all Round".
Thus sizes given are nominal, ie 2" x 1" has a finished planed size of approx 45mm x 20mm.
(Note: It is usually cheaper to buy 2" x 1" and cut it in half to create 1" x 1".
Similarly cut 3in x 1in to make 11/2in x 1in).
Epoxy glue is recommended for all glue joints as it is the strongest and most watertight glue.
However, it disadvantages are cost, toxicity, waste and slow mixing times.
So read the manuals and pay good attention to the toxicity guidelines