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sheet ply stitch and glue
LOA 2.4m 8ft
BOA 1.2m 4ft
Weight 20Kgs 50lbs
Carrying Capacity 3 Adults

CRAYFISH is a 8' long pram bowed yacht tender, built from 2 1/2 sheets of 4mm ply. It is a good introduction to the art of boatbuilding and also a very useful little boat! It can carry three adults and can be fitted with a small sail or outboard. Weight is about 40lbs so its easy to car top or carry on board. We know from personal experience over the last 20 years that its also a lot more durable than an inflatable. It makes an ideal introductory project before starting a larger boat and is really useful once the big boat is finished!



We find that the Crayfish is a LOT more stable than the Walker Bay 8 we owned  and much drier than our 8ft Avon inflatable.

It is light enough to pull onto Romany's aft platform without using davits. Note the offset outboard bracket so the rudder can still be fitted and the engine is away from the (right handed) "driver"

Note transom just kissing the water with one on board, also note engine pad (2.5hp max)

Canadian Ruth F wrote: "...I quickly built a cardboard model and drew up the boat full size. From then it was only a week until the dinghy was ready for sea trials. I found the instructions quite sufficient and had no problems in building it. I chose to build the rowing only version as we already have a Laser. The paint on the dinghy was barely dry when we were off on our 2 week cruise. The children enjoyed rowing round in nearby bays, after we had tied up or anchored. We never had to worry because the dinghy is very stable. We are really happy with this little tender."

"I built the sailing version, it came out at 50lbs so is easy to haul around and is very stable

My friend has a Walker Bay 8 sailing dinghy so naturally we had a race. I won by a large margin on all points of sail"

Room for 3 adults plus two large backpacks

Please note: The Crayfish plans are very basic and only comprise the panel sizes, basic layout and sail plan. We expect you to know how to build a stitch and glue boat as no instructions are given. That's why we can sell the Crayfish plans at such a low price.

Crayfish yacht tender