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Linnet under sail


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sheet ply stitch and glue
LENGTH 4.86m
BEAM 1.3m
SAILAREA (optional) 3.5sqm

Like the BEE, the LINNET is a seaworthy rowing boat that has been specifically designed for sea use. Accordingly it does not have outriggers or a sliding seat while a small daggerboard is fitted to help prevent being blown sideways by the wind. A good load carrier LINNET can be rowed by 1-3 people. They have been built all over the world and have made some long coastal trips with the crew camping on board at night. Perhaps the most ambitious trip was a cruise down the River Shannon (the longest river in the British Isles) by a BEE and LINNET with the crew sleeping on board at night.

Linnet and Bee on trailer in Ireland prior to rowing down the Shannon

The photos also show a LINNET rowing round the Lizard, and sailing in our home waters.
We deliberately used a retrousse transom on BEE so that it would not be possible to use an outboard engine. However, the conventional transom on LINNET means that fitting a small outboard (4hp max) is feasible. This will give an easy 6 knot cruising speed, but see the owners comments page! Another builder comments below:

"Thank you for the fantastic plans of the Linnet, they were straightforward and easy to follow. I had a lot of fun making the boat

It rows beautifully and is surprisingly manoeuvrable. The only thing I would say is that (on my boat anyway) it needs the dagger board in windy weather otherwise, because of the lightness of the boat, it tends to get blown about. But I definitely prefer a lighter boat.

I live in Finland where there seems to be almost as much water as land, building this boat has given me the opportunity to explore the lakes and has opened up a big part of what Finland is all about."

Linnet lines drawings


Linnet rowing round the Lizard

A short clip of another Linnet being rowed here

 "I had a go in both the LINNET and BEE. I really enjoyed being out, taking turns aboard boats that rowed really well" From a report by Practical Boat Owner 1995

Linnet on the beach

This is a build sequence from a UK builder who liked the Linnet so much he built another for a friend

From an old Gavin Atkins report on the Beale Park show

... a Linnet designed by Woods Design and built by KN. " I thought this a rather nice lightweight skiff"

The builder had this to say: "We enjoy our large family dayboat but she does take ages to get ready for sailing. We wanted a lightweight boat so we could sail more spontaneously, more often. This is the first boat I have ever built. I found it a really enjoyable project."

See more detailed comments here