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Photo below shows the Tamar seen in the following build photos on launchday. Note, the builder has increased the cabin size from standard to accommodate his 6ft4in 1.95m height.

Download plans cost GBP1600

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LOA 9.5m

LWL 9.2m

BOA 6.0m

BWL 0.975m

Sail Area Mainsail 41sqm Genoa 24sqm

Mast Height 13.5m

Headroom 1.85m saloon, 2.2m hulls

Bunk width 1.35m

Empty weight approx 3T

Displacement to WL 4.2T

Hard chine plywood throughout. You can see a provisional study plan HERE

The Tamar 31 is essentially a hard chine Eclipse and has a similar interior, rig and deck layout. The stem rake is more vertical, hence the shorter LOA

A general cross section at the back of the cabin shows standing headroom in the saloon and 1.3m wide bunks in the hulls

 As you can see from the cross section the difference in hull shapes between the original round bilge Eclipse and hard chine Tamar is very small.

Thus the boat should perform equally well

Several sets of plans have been sold, and some builders are well advanced. These come as a zip file of pdfs drawn at A4 (8x11) so you can print them yourself

you can see some more building photos on Dropbox HERE

(note although both hulls are being built at the same time the spacing is not correct. Each hull will be turned over and repositioned once finished prior to final assembly). This is the first boat the builder has ever built, yet here is a photo taken just 4 weeks into the build. Note the keel planks are just loosely laid in place for show

But here the keel plank has been fitted and bevelling started

Keels and stringers faired, ready to plank!

Glass sheathed and ready to paint

and then a bit later

you can see a build video here

Tamar 31 Materials List (Provisional)

Approx: no allowance for errors or waste

Hull Planking 25 sheets 9mm ply 1 sheet 6mm
Stringers 11/2in x 1in 200m 3in x 1in 60m
Glass  600g biaxial 25Kgs plus 300g cloth 10Kgs, 200g glass cloth 10kgs Epoxy glue 250Kgs
Bulkheads and Beams - 6mm ply 9 sheets, 9mm ply 9 sheets, 3" x 2" 50m, 3" x 1" 20m, 2" x 1" 40m, 4" x 2" 8m
Interior - 6mm ply 7 sheets, 9mm ply 9 sheets, 1" x 1" 40m, 2" x 1" 100m

Bridgedeck - 9mm ply 11 sheets, 12mm ply 6 sheets, 2" x 1" 25m, 3" x 2" 30m,
Decking - 6mm ply 2 sheets, 8 or 9mm ply 20 sheets, 12mm ply 3 sheets, 2" x 1" 70m, 2" x 2" 40m, 3" x 2" 15m
Coach Roof -  12 sheets 6mm ply (two layers)

Note: All plywood to be best quality marine grade gaboon/okoume, sheet size 8' x 4' (approx 2440 x 1220).
All timber to be clear sitka spruce, douglas fir or similar. Dimensions given are "Planed all Round" PAR (eg 2" x 1" has an actual finished size of approx 45 x 20mm)

Use 3/4in no 6 stainless steel cs head screws on 6mm ply, 1in no 6 on 9mm ply
Filler paint etc as reqd