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  • home built Flica 37

  • plywood Romany 34

  • lightweight 14ft Zeta mainhull

  • Strike 15 trimaran at speed

  • 28ft Skoota in British Columbia

  • 10ft 2 sheet ply Duo dinghy

  • 24ft Strider sailing fast

  • 36ft Mirage open deck catamaran

Woods Designs specialise in the design of sailing catamarans for both home and professional builders. However we also have a small range of dinghies, trimarans and power catamarans. Scroll down to see the full list, divided into lengths and boat types.

Before deciding which boat to build it's worth getting as much information as possible. So apart from this web site we have produced lots more to help you.
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Our study plans and building plans are now only available as downloads.

However the digital plans are still the same effective size, generally A1 (approx 3ft x 2ft). So do not try to view them on a smart phone, if indeed the phone allows an image that large to be displayed. The download studyplans cost GBP15.00

Paper studyplans and plans are only available to special order. They come at a much higher cost due to printing and postage costs. Please contact us if you wish to order paper plans.

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Also check the Year Review pages for reports about the designs that interest you - each review page headlines the boats mentioned. I also suggest you search the forum pages for the very latest comments by owners and builders

Please note: All plans are drawn in metric units.

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This range of rowing and sailing dinghies and off the beach catamarans complement the larger catamarans designed by Woods Designs

Six daysailing trimarans, each with a plywood hard chine main hull.

The Tryst 10 is based on the Duo dinghy. The Zeta 14 and Strike 15 are complete designs, while the Strike 16 and 18 use a beach cat for the rig and outriggers. The Strike 20 is a racing boat based on the F18 beach cat. 

The 25ft and under range of designs comprise a variety of trailable boats, generally either with an open deck layout or with a central cuddy. These boats are suitable for daylight or overnight coastal and "cross-channel" sailing.

Note, Saylon has a full bridgedeck and, like its smaller sister Chat, is only suitable for inshore sheltered water sailing.

Study plans are available for purchase for all designs (except for Acorn, Chat, Eagle and Saylon which are available on their own pages as pdf downloads)

Download study plans cost GBP15.00.

The 25ft - 30ft range of designs comprise a wide variety of open deck and bridgedeck boats. These boats have limited load carrying ability and so if sailing long distances you will have to be careful not to overload them.

Study plans are available for purchase for all designs (except for Saturn and the Salish 28 which are available for free download on the design pages)

Download study plans cost GBP15.00.

The over 30ft range of designs comprise both open and bridge deck cabin boats.

The range of designs comprise a wide variety of open deck and bridgedeck boats. These boats have added load carrying and increased seakindliness compared to smaller designs so are more suited for offshore sailing.

We do not recommend home builders to attempt a boat over 40 ft unless experienced and want a boat for charter or long term cruising. Most families will find that boats under 40 ft will comfortably meet their needs.

Study plans are available for purchase for all designs (except for Tamar, Vardo and Transit which are available on their own pages)

Download study plans cost GBP15.00.

In September 2010 we were very pleased to announce the launch of our first powercat design, the trailable Skoota 20. It was a very successful boat which we cruised for two seasons in British Columbia. Seven more powercat designs are now available. In addition to the Skoota 20 there is a centre cockpit, trailable Skoota 24. Next, the Skoota 28 is a transportable coastal cruiser, and currently the Woods Designs floating office/cruising home.

Also in the portfolio are the Jazz 30, designed for fishing, day charter work or coastal cruising  The Skoota 32 which is available as a production boat or for home builders in flat panel foam sandwich. Finally the Skoota 36, a really comfortable fast cruiser (available in two options) or, slightly modified, for use as a passenger ferry. All are semi displacement designs, so not designed for high speeds but rather for good fuel economy and a comfortable ride in any seastate. Finally there are the newest designs, the Skoota 18 which is based on the Chat 18 sailing catamaran. And the Aegean 30 which is a development of the Skoota 28

See this article for the reasons why we chose a Skoota 28 as our newest cruising boat

You can download a basic studyplan pack HERE

Our study plans and building plans are now only available as downloads. This is a more convenient option for you as you can receive the plans immediately. It's also more convenient for us as we don't need to spend time in the office printing them out and mailing them.

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