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Gypsy line drawings



Sheet ply or grp flat panel dory shaped hulls
Strip cedar round bilge hulls, ply decks

An open deck version of Gypsy is also available

LENGTH O.A. 8.5m 28ft
LENGTH W.L. 8.1m 26ft6in
BEAM OA 5.4m 17ft9in
DISPL (empty) 1.8T 4000lbs
DISPL (loaded) 2.4T 5300lbs
HEADROOM 1.85m 6ft
DRAFT 0.7m 2ft8in
SAIL AREA 38sqm 410sqft

The GYPSY 28 was the Woods Designs own cruising boat for five very successful years. 20 years after launching, and after a succession of different owners I heard it had sailed UK to Morocco

It was designed as an easy to build budget ocean cruiser and many are now sailing in all corners of the world. Several have made ocean passages.

The central cuddy is a feature seen on several of our most recent designs, as it combines the advantages of the open deck boat's easy access forward with the central saloon and cockpit protection of a bridge deck cabin boat.
















 Please compare the two Gypsy's above and below. Lightwave, below, is much heavier than Gaia, above. Yet both have been successfully used as live aboard cruisers for thousands of miles.

Remember that Gypsy was designed as a "Budget Ocean Cruiser" So please build and fit it out on a budget! It is too small a boat to fill it with lots of "goodies" (see photo below for some of them)










There is standing headroom and 4 berths in the hulls and a dinette and galley in the central cuddy - which also features standing headroom. Hulls can be flat panel or round bilge and GYPSY can be built in ply, foam sandwich or strip plank. It is the minimum size boat I suggest that a couple use for ocean cruising. It can be built in sections and assembled by the water.

A few builders have opted for the round bilge hull version. This one, below, will also have daggerboards. The bottom section is completed, the topsides will be sheet ply

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