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Zeta is another of my small, hard chine plywood trimarans, but this time it is a fast singlehander with the emphasis on being as simple and quick to build as possible. The photo below shows my own Zeta on its maiden sail off Port Townsend, Wa, USA 
and then here, finished, with optional screecher.
The hardchine hull is similar to the Zest and Duo dinghies, while there is no cockpit tray, as used on the Strike 15. The photos below show another Zeta, this time being built in the UK.



The outriggers are simple Veed hulls for easy building. As with the Strike 15 the intention is to have an active crew stabilising the boat, so that the outriggers are generally clear of the water - "training wheels" if you like. (Photo actually shows Tryst outriggers, but Zeta is similar)

The beams simply slot into the main hull and are joined on the boat's centreline. They are normally permanently attached to each outrigger, but can be unbolted for long term storage. So it is still a fast setup, especially as the dinghy skiff style mast can be left up even with the outriggers removed. Very useful if keeping the boat in a dinghy park or storage area. A jib and a screecher are options.
I show how light the boat is in these two photos, first the main hull and then the outriggers
The main hull weighed 43kgs (95lbs), each outrigger 11Kgs (24lbs), all four crossbeams 8kgs (18lbs) So a total weight ex rig of 73kgs, (160lbs)
You can see a sheet from the building plans HERE and another sheet HERE

Video of the first sail is here
and, still with the 20 year old mainsail, but also with a home made screecher here
Although it is always easier to trail a boat rather than car top it, it is possible to out a Zeta on the roofrack of a large car. The sketch shows the idea. Two wide roof rack supports, the crossbeams can stay on the outriggers which speeds assembly. Obviously the same concept applies to a Zeta on  a trailer, or even when stored in a dinghy park
Basic Material List
6 sheets 4mm plywood, (or 3 sheets 4mm, 3 sheets 3mm)
1 sheet 6mm plywood
1in x1in 35m
11/2in x 1in 5m
3kgs epoxy
50m 50mm glass tape
1000 18mm (3/4in) no6 st steel screws
wood flour and filler as required
This is the ply layout sheet (reduced from the plans)