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LOA 8.8m 28ft 10in
LWL 8.35m 27ft 5in
BOA 5.6m 18ft 5in
Draft (Hull) .42m 1ft 4in (Daggerboard down)
Headroom (Hulls) 1.56m 5ft 2in (Cuddy) 1.54m 5ft 1in
Sail Area (Main) 27 sqm 290 sqft (Genoa) 14.7 sqm 158 sqft
Disp (Empty) 1800kgs (Loaded) 2400kgs
Engine 8 - 9.9hp 4 stroke outboard

In concept the 29ft SATURN is an updated Surfsong, or a fast Gypsy. It is suitable for those who want to coastal cruise or occasionally race. It is not intended for long term ocean sailing as it has limited load carrying and overloading would spoil its performance.

To speed construction the hulls are chined flat panel and the decks are all single curvature. Construction is plywood on frames, epoxy glass sheathed. Saturn can be built in sections for final completion by the water.

The photos above show the first hull completed and out of the workshop and below is the beginning of the central cuddy













A study plan is available HERE

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"Went round Hornby island in two and half hours last week. deep reef in main and a couple of wraps in the jib, just flying but very comfortable. OK, it was a little wet going to windward at 10kts but dry going downwind at 15kts. I'm liking her more and more.

On December 28th Andrew Slow wrote again from British Columbia (where of course it was mid winter) to say:

"I've been sailing quite a bit though and like the boat more and more as I get to know her. The day after Boxing Day I took my kids and their partners out for a windy sail in relatively flat water. With a reef in and a few rolls in the jib I guess we got up to 17kts or more very easily going to windward with no fuss at all. They were very impressed and said they could water ski behind if they had the nerve and a very thick wet suit."

I have enjoyed the boat so much this year and feel that I know it so much better and know what it can do. I think I will have her until I can't hop about anymore"

See photo and video below when racing in British Columbia. The boats to lee while sailing to windward are larger Farrier trimarans, as you can see, we're going at much the same speed. Then the boat to lee when we are under spinnaker is a Santa Cruz 52, and we caught it up! I tried to video the gps, not very successfully (I was supposed to be trimming the spinnaker) but it does show 13 knots

A video is here 

And this is a Florida built Saturn, nearly finished!

Later:"launched the boat this morning, thanks so much for a great looking boat,"

More here

To help you compare different, yet similar, designs here are the cross sections for Sango, Eagle, Saturn and Salish 28

Saturn Materials List (approx, no allowance for errors or waste)

5 sheets 9mm ply
30m 3” x 1”, 10m 2” x 1”

20 sheets 9mm ply
35m 2” x 1”, 55m 1 ½” x 1”
4m 2” plank (Width varies and can be laminated from several narrower strips)
20m 1” plank (Width varies and can be laminated from several narrower strips)

2 sheets 6mm ply
6 sheets 9mm ply
40m 2” x1”

6 sheets 6mm ply
5 sheets 9mm ply
60m 2” x 1”


3 sheets 9mm ply
8 off 5.5m 3” x 2”

5 sheets 9mm ply
40m 2” x 1”

8 sheets 9mm ply
2 sheets 6mm ply
40m 2” x 1”, 3m 6” x 1”

10 sheets 6mm ply
52 sheets 9mm ply
55m 1 ½” x 1”
240m 2” x 1”
30m 3” x 1”
45m 3” x 2”

20kgs sheathing cloth 200g/sqm (min, 300g/sqm max)
15kgs 600g/sqm +/-45deg biaxial, 70kgs epoxy
(option: 5kgs polyurethane glue can replace epoxy for above water glue joints, except beams must be epoxy)

NOTE: All plywood to be best quality marine grade, (gaboon (okume) preferred)
All timber to be best quality Douglas fir, yellow cedar, sitka spruce or similar. Timber sizes are nominal PAR (planed all round). Thus 2” x 1” has a finished, actual size approx 45mm x 20mm