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  • production Strider 24

  • plywood Romany 34

  • lightweight 14ft Zeta mainhull

  • Strike 15 trimaran at speed

  • 28ft Skoota in British Columbia

  • 10ft 2 sheet ply Duo dinghy

  • 24ft Strider sailing fast

  • 36ft Mirage open deck catamaran


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sheet ply or grp flat panel hulls, ply decks

LENGTH O.A. 8.4m 27ft6in
LENGTH W.L. 7.5m 24ft6in
BEAM OA 5.1m 16ft8in
DISPL (empty) 1.75T 4000lbs
DISPL (loaded to WL)2.25T 5000lbs
HEADROOM 1.5m 5ft
DRAFT 0.46 - 1.2m 18in-4ft
SAIL AREA 35 sq m 376sqft

Smallest of our deep 'V' catamarans - Surfsong has been designed as a sporty and rugged little seaboat. Surfsong is a comfortable coastal cruiser/racer, seaworthy enough to be capable of offshore or even trans-ocean sailing with one or two crew. There is enough room in each hull to seat four people in comfort. The rigid self draining cockpit with the 'wing' seats both sides is good for the children and also makes a solid sail handling area.

 Owners Comments:

(Richard says: I found the following on an ebay advert, the first news I had ever had of this particular boat, see photo above)

"Alley Cat was built in 1989 and has been our home since 1996. In the same year we sailed from Ravenglass, Cumbria, UK bound for sunnier climes. We followed the classical route southwards and through gales in the Irish Sea and Biscay, to the sweltering heat of the Mediterranean, she has kept us safe and warm, or cool, as required.

This simple way of life, with very few overheads, has allowed us to enjoy what many can only dream about, on a minimal income. Very reluctantly age is now forcing us ashore. Since 1997 she has been cruising in the Western Mediterranean, and the Balearic islands in particular."

A video of the boat sailing in light winds is here:

The advert continues "This is a very deceptive boat, offering more space inside than you would think. Yet she is light and fast, achieving 18 knots in a stiff breeze. Under power she can move at 5 knots, but it is under sail where she really performs.

She can tack almost like a dinghy, yet running in a sea she is steady, dry, and very easily handled. In light airs she also out-sails most other yachts, and in the sometimes sloppy, short seas to be found in the Mediterranean this is a distinct advantage."

M Maitrepierre, South Pacific

"She is a fast and comfortable boat, easy to steer, tacking well, marvellous when we are reaching and surprisingly dry"

A Berry - Marshall Islands

 "It steers like a sports car and accelerates unlike anything I've sailed lately. I did not lower the centreboard and was still impressed with its lack of leeway"

A Surfsong builders web site is at

(The main site is in Spanish with English subtitles so you can read the pages in either language)

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